Sample Submissions

The following successful submissions from CHI 99 were generously provided by their authors to guide the preparation of your submissions. CHI 2000 DC students have been asked to provide electronic copy to support submitters for CHI 2001 (as well as to let everyone prepare for the consortium).

They are currently in a range of formats, and will stay that way.

Gilbert Cockton, Doctoral Consortium Chair, CHI 2000

  Computer-Supported Inferential Analysis Under Data Overload (150K - Word .doc)

  Web Macros by Example: Users Managing the WWW of Applications (35K - Word .doc)

  Users' Perception of Privacy in Multimedia Communication (34K - Word .doc)

  Perceptual Localization of Surface Normal (123K - Word .doc)

  Evaluation of Virtual Reality Systems For Usability (28K - rtf)